Monday, February 11, 2019

MURDER AT THE FLAMINGO by Rachel McMillan, Reviewed by Kim

After I finished this story, I felt like I had watched a movie! Rachel’s love for Boston shines in this book and I could just picture Hamish riding his bike - with and without Reggie! -all over town. 
Speaking of Hamish, I was immediately drawn to him. 
I mean he is a gentleman who wears braces and bow ties and he carries a book around!! What’s not to love? When he was talking to Reggie about his anxiety and then later how his anxiety made him feel when he was young - ack! My heart! 

I really liked Reggie and how she was trying to become more self-sufficient- her Journal of Independence cracked me up! I loved how Hamish and Reggie’s personalities played off of each other. They are a great match! 

Rachel really kept me on my toes with Luca - I like him, no wait, I don’t like him! He’s bad no wait, he’s good - I NEED more Rachel!! 

I loved Nate! I want to read more about him and boy do I need some more Reggie and Hamish. Let’s just say there are some things that NEED to be resolved. 

*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 

BackCover Blurb:
“Maybe it was time to land straight in the middle of the adventure…”
Hamish DeLuca has spent most of his life trying to hide the anxiety that appears at the most inopportune times -- including during his first real court case as a new lawyer. Determined to rise above his father’s expectations, Hamish runs away to Boston where his cousin, Luca Valari, is opening a fashionable nightclub in Scollay Square.  When he meets his cousin's “right hand man” Reggie, Hamish wonders if his dreams for a more normal life might be at hand. 

Regina “Reggie” Van Buren, heir to a New Haven fortune, has fled fine china, small talk, and the man her parents expect her to marry. Determined to make a life as the self-sufficient city girl she’s seen in her favorite Jean Arthur and Katharine Hepburn pictures, Reggie runs away to Boston, where she finds an easy secretarial job with the suave Luca Valari. But as she and Hamish work together in Luca’s glittering world, they discover a darker side to the smashing Flamingo nightclub.

When a corpse is discovered at the Flamingo, Reggie and Hamish quickly learn there is a vast chasm between the haves and the have-nots in 1937 Boston—and that there’s an underworld that feeds on them both. As Hamish is forced to choose between his conscience and loyalty to his beloved cousin, the unlikely sleuthing duo work to expose a murder before the darkness destroys everything they’ve worked to build.

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  1. Thanks Kim! And Thomas Nelson rocked the cover!


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