Sunday, April 26, 2020

HOMEFRONT HEROINES Novella Collection (Gerlach, Bliss, Alexander, Barratt) Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise

This collection of novellas was a great glimpse into those left behind in the States during WWII.

MOONLIGHT SERENADE by Rita Gerlach: Kate St. Clare goes to Washington DC to do her part as a welder at the Navy Yard. On her way to her boardinghouse, she meets a boy who spent summers in her hometown near Gettysburg. Ronny Jordan is in the Navy and on furlough. They get reacquainted. This story brought back many memories of visiting my grandparents who lived not far from Gettysburg. The description of the boardinghouse and nearby store were so familiar. A sweet story of what people faced here at home during wartime.

ONLY FOREVER by Lauralee Bliss: Victory Gardens! A great cause is championed by a slightly naive Marilyn Pearl. Her long time friend Art stands beside her as they spur patriotic citizens to plant gardens in their small N.Y. town. When trouble comes calling, they find what truly matters. Ms. Bliss shows how faith can overcome obstacles and heal a town and relationships.

BLUE MOON by Johnnie Alexander: My favorite of this group probably because it contains intrigue and suspense. Find out how Kathleen and Roger end up together because of a Blue Moon encounter that has them working undercover for their country. Ms. Alexander spins a great story full of excitement and a warming relationship between two people who were an item in their teens. There is also a plus in the endearing German Shepherd companion.

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM by Amanda Barratt: What fun to peek into 1940’s Hollywood and meet a real hero of the war. It even has a cameo by Bob Hope. Ms. Barratt showcases Rosemary James an able nurse on the frontline of healthcare and the brave soldiers that are treated in a California rehabilitation hospital. Like Ms. Barratt, I watched The Black Sheep Squadron with my father and loved those WWII era movies. Touching story.

This collection of stories from the 1940’s was a great insight into what was going on in the USA during the war. The stories told that everyone came together to help win the war. *I won a copy of this book from one of the authors. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*

BackCover Blurb:

Patriotic Service Leads to Victories in Romance
Relive life on the American homefront as four women of the WWII era join the workforce and discover romance in surprising ways.

Moonlight Serenade
by Rita Gerlach
1941, Washington D.C.
When Kate St. Claire takes over a sailor’s job at the Naval Yard in Washington, DC, she is thrown into a romance she never expected.

Only Forever by Lauralee Bliss
1943, Springville, New York
Marilyn and Arthur learn the hard way that it’s not the outside that matters, but the inward working of the heart that is precious to God and each other.     
Blue Moon
by Johnnie Alexander
1943, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
After humiliating each other, a WOOPs officer and an Army Intelligence agent team up to protect a top-secret atomic bomb facility from sabotage.

Dream a Little Dream by Amanda Barratt
1945, Palm Springs, California
When an army nurse and a former film star are reunited at a wartime hospital, can they move beyond their past and into a future together?

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