Monday, January 24, 2022

IN THE WAVES OF TRISTWICK by Deborah M. Hathaway, Reviewed by Winnie Thomas

What fun to travel back to Cornwall in Deborah M. Hathaway’s newest book, In the Waves of Tristwick! Her books just keep getting better and better. The mermaid theme was fresh and creative, and the story gave insight into the prevailing thoughts and customs of 1815 Cornwall. The characters were colorful, layered, and intriguing. Trevik Honeysett is an industrious, considerate, likeable hero who seems to carry the weight of the entire fishing community on his shoulders. The heroine, Morvoren Hollow, is spunky, courageous, and longing for a different life away from her controlling uncle. What she finds is a warm, mostly welcoming, stay with the Honeysett family. The chemistry between Trevik and Morvoren was perfect as they slowly got to know each other and their relationship and perceptions changed and grew.
Filled with adventure, intrigue, romance, and wonderful historical detail, this story is a fantastic journey back in time to a small Cornish fishing village you won’t soon forget. It’s a delightful read for those who enjoy visiting other countries through historical fiction.
*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.
4.5 stars 

BackCover Blurb:
What is a fisherman to do when he catches a mermaid in his net? Let her go—or fall in love?

A Regency Romance Cornwall, 1815
As a well-respected fisherman in the Cornish seas, Trevik Honeysett provides a living for many poor families in the southwest of Cornwall. Despite the most powerful fishing companies attempting to cut off his own ability to fish, Trevik refuses to give up. However, when he discovers a mysterious, injured woman entangled in his net, things become much more complicated—especially when suspicions arise that she is, in fact, a mermaid. Knowing he might very well lose his workers to their superstitious beliefs, Trevik decides to uncover just who the woman is. The only problem is…she can’t remember.

In truth, Morvoren Hollow knows exactly who she is. She merely needs to keep her identity a secret long enough to accomplish what she’d set off to do. Fortunately, pretending to be a mermaid will keep Society away long enough to do just that. Her lie becomes harder to manage, however, as her injury takes longer to heal—and as the nosy but handsome fisherman reels closer to the truth.

The two clash head-to-head as Trevik refuses to believe Morvoren is actually a siren from the sea. But such a thing would be easier to imagine than what he finally discovers about her past. Fearful of what might happen next, Morvoren must decide her next step. She can either learn to trust again—or end up truly alone.

This is the fourth book in the clean Regency Cornish Romance series by Deborah M. Hathaway. Although this romance is a stand-alone novel, the books are best enjoyed when read in order.

DraftHorse Publishing, January 2022. Buy IN THE WAVES OF TRISTWICK at Amazon in digital ebook or paperback.

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