Saturday, January 22, 2022

DEATH TRIANGLE: A Medical Thriller (Agents Of Mercy #4) by Lynne Gentry and Lisa Harris, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"At the time, he'd planned to marry her, just like he'd planned to win against the virus. He'd been wrong on both counts."

Torn apart by circumstances beyond their control, two of the world's most capable infectious disease doctors are unknowingly about to become reacquainted, both personally and professionally, as they re-encounter one of the most dangerous illnesses they have ever identified. How was it even possible for a Tibetan virus to show up in a Congolese refugee camp; but apparently it had, because people were dying terrible deaths with bloodwork showing all the identifying markers in their system. Can an unstable vaccine come to the rescue . . . because time is running out and lives around the world are hanging in the balance. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble, and has spent a great deal of money to outrun death.

Fans of these books are going to stand up and cheer for this exciting conclusion to the vastly popular Agents of Mercy series . . . book four has all of the favorite characters, all the drama, all the romance, all the suspense, ALL . . . packaged perfectly into a race-against-the-clock kind of finale. Well done!
And as far as faith elements? " . . . what we see right now is temporary. And when it doesn't make sense, we have to remember that God is looking at life from a totally different perspective that we are."
*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 
BackCover Blurb:
No one suspects that the deadly pharmaceutical and viral disasters ravaging the African continent have been the fallout from one person’s intent to acquire immortality.

Not until two pregnant teenagers escape their captors and stumble into an African refugee camp.

When one of the escapees suffers a strange and bloody death, Dr. Rachel Allen, an infectious disease specialist aboard a humanitarian medical ship ported on the Central African coast is summoned to the Congo. Despite the danger, Rachel answers the plea of the refugee camp’s only doctor and leaves her post. But by the time she discovers the ancient virus she believed securely held in an American vault has been weaponized, it is too late to call for help. If this new potential bioweapon is launched beyond the borders of Africa, it will destroy more than the world. It will destroy everything she believes to be true about the man she loved.

Buckle in.

The stunning conclusion to the Agents of Mercy series is a heart-pounding ride that brings together the characters you’ve come to love from GHOST HEART, PORT OF ORIGIN, and LETHAL OUTBREAK.

You won’t believe who orchestrated every deadly move from the first page to the last. . .and all of it was done in the name of scientific

May, 2021 Available in digital ebook and paperback at Amazon

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