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AT HOME IN WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

“Life doesn't always come with smooth trails and easy choices. Sometimes it takes a broken road to bring us where we need to be. Our broken roads brought us to each other first. To Hannah's Hope”~Thea 

To Thea, Wishing Bridge was just a temporary stop-over to her dream road. What she didn't anticipate was how it got hold of her heart and made her wish for things she never thought she'd have. Spending most of her growing up years in Hannah's Hope foster home along with her two best friends, Kelsey and Jazz, has her disillusioned to anything permanent. Along with her less than stellar childhood under the care of a druggie mom, made her jaded for anything good. That is until this small town feel gave her hope for a brighter future. Along with Maggie and Jeb who opened their hearts and home to her.

“And after years of nothing even close to charming, the quaint town was calling to her. The question was—Did she dare answer?”

Then there's her temporary partner in the business—Ethan. He has goals, big ones, to return to Chicago and a prestigious job in a major hospital doing genetic research. It's what he was born to do, or so he thinks. Until God derails his plans and he became a parent to his niece and nephew after the untimely accident that killed their parents almost a year ago. Setting down roots in Wishing Bridge was suppose to be a short term time of regrouping and redefining the new “normal” for this unlikely family. When the time comes, will he be able to uproot the kids and sever all ties to a town that gets under your skin? A bond not so easily broken!

“A family. Not by blood. But by love. And maybe that was the best kind of family to have.”

This story is so emotionally packed it snags you from the start. Having read “Welcome to Wishing Bridge”, I was long anticipating Thea's story! And it's not just Thea...but Jazz, Kelsey and Hale, Ethan, Mara, Keegan, Max, Maggie and Jeb and a new cast of characters that I was looking forward to reconnecting with. The depth of this story will sweep you away and make you wish that the town of Wishing Bridge was a real place to visit. The town that embraces its own and nobody is a stranger; it makes you feel right at home from the get-go. 

This also deals with some pretty heavy and downright ugly topics, but with the grace and gentleness I've come to expect from a Herne novel. I can read the authors God-given wisdom through the pages and her ever encouraging words in difficult situations. Her characters speak right to my own heart, embracing me in their love and devotion to each other. A bond of friendship that can't be broken by anything in this world. I'm already missing them! Definitely looking forward to the next installment when Jazz gets to tell her own story. Faith, love and hope is what this series is all about...and don't forget the hard won happily-ever-after!

*I received a complimentary copy from the author and NetGalley and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. * 

BackCover Blurb:

Ruth Logan Herne, the bestselling author of Welcome to Wishing Bridge, invites readers back to the small town where big dreams come true.

After surviving the streets of South Philly, Thea Anastas never thought she’d wind up working in rural New York. But a call from a friend in need convinced the nurse practitioner to make the trip. Now her temporary position is making a difference in Wishing Bridge—though Thea can’t afford to make a difference, to fill a gaping hole in the sweet, small town. After all, the current medical practice is being dissolved in three months, and bigger opportunities are luring her away…

Her partner, Dr. Ethan Brandenburg, has his own struggles: caring for his orphaned niece and nephew and holding firm to his decision to leave Wishing Bridge for a prestigious job in Chicago. Though Thea’s no-nonsense advice in the office has been good for business, her compassion in Ethan’s personal life has been good for his heart. But how can he offer a commitment to a woman when they’re both about to say goodbye?

Wishing Bridge may be surrounded by forests and farms, but Thea is starting to realize that friendships and family form its heart—and that what she wants in life and love may be right in front of her eyes.

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  1. I'm eager to read this book. Love Ruthy (and her writing!). Thanks for the review!

  2. Trixi, thank you so much for this wonderful review. I am absolutely delighted and honored that you loved Thea's story! Bless you!


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