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LIES WE TELL OURSELVES by Amy Matayo, Reviewed by Winnie Thomas

If you’re looking for fairytale, perfect romances, you won’t find them in Amy Matayo’s books, but if you’re looking for realistic, heart-wrenching stories of imperfect people who are struggling with everyday problems and relationships, you should definitely try her books. Lies We Tell Ourselves should be on the reading list for anyone who is coping with low self-esteem, self-worth, or abuse issues. If you’ve ever felt unloved, friendless, alone, or that you’re not as good as other people, read this book.

Matayo’s characters are realistic and multi-layered. They’re me and you. They’re your next-door neighbor or your best friend. Most people will recognize some of the lies we tell ourselves or the lies other people tell us in this book. We need to replace those lies with positive thinking and know that we ARE of worth. We can do hard things and push through our doubts and anxieties and become more positive in our thoughts and actions toward ourselves.

This isn’t an easy book to read because of the content and the heart-breaking events that occur, but the takeaway is amazing. I was left with a resolve to be more careful what I say and do—not only to others, but to myself. It touched my heart and made me feel all the feels. Lest, you think the whole book is maudlin—it’s not. There are many light-hearted, touching, and humorous parts that temper the wrenching parts. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy realistic books about tough subjects.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

BackCover Blurb:
Presley Waterman is a rescuer: of animals, of businesses, of people. Like the stray cat she's allergic to, but continues to care for. Like her small-town newspaper, a business that’s been dying a slow death for the better part of a decade. And like Micah. Her best friend and the man she has loved since they were kids, back when no one else cared. 

As for him…

Micah Leven loves Presley. She’s the girl who’s always been there to help, the one who knows all the ugly things about him and makes him believe he can be a better man, the one who will never leave because she’s promised over and over.

But he also loves Mara.

Mara is his ideal. She’s the dream he conjured up as a boy and never wavered from. She’s beautiful, ambitious, driven, a fellow newscaster at his Atlanta station, and the perfect asset for the life he’s always wanted. Together, they could conquer the world and their respective careers. Even better, with Mara he could prove that he did—in fact—finally amount to something. Maybe then his father would be proud. 

There are just a few things Presley and Micah have both forgotten. One, just because you rescue someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you for it. Two, some dreams disappear when reality wakes you up. Three, the only way to silence lies is to face the truth head-on.

This is the story of the man torn between two existences, the woman who finally took the choice away from him, and what happens when you stop listening to lies once and for all.

Even if the biggest liar is you.

Available in paperback and digital ebook:
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