Thursday, October 18, 2018

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Lisa Harris, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise

 A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris was a well-done nail biter!

This excellent suspense novel kept me turning pages into the night.

Nate Quinn, homicide detective and Grace Callahan, psychologist, were friends in college. Each has experienced heartache and are trying to find their way back to normal. They re-connect after many years on a case that Nate is working. However, Grace is not a consultant but is connected to the victim, Stephen Shaw. Something big is going on and Stephen has left clues for Grace but the trouble is— she has no idea what or where they are! Just a cryptic message left on her cellphone. As Nate and Grace scramble to unravel the mystery, it becomes clear that they have stumbled onto something that puts their lives and many others in danger. Can they solve the crime, surrender their fears to God and continue to heal from their personal traumas? Could there be something more in store for them romantically?

The tension is kept high in this story and just when you think the solution is near, Lisa throws another twist into the plot. Very well written, action packed tale.

*I received this book from the publisher on behalf of the author. I was under no obligation to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*

BackCover Blurb:

Psychologist Grace Callahan has no idea that she has a secret--one worth killing for. But when she finds out one of her clients has been murdered, she quickly realizes that the computer security specialist wasn't simply suffering from paranoia.

Detective Nate Quinn has just been cleared for active duty after a bombing killed eighteen people, including his partner, and left him dealing with PTSD. His first case back on the job involves the murder of Stephen Shaw, and his only lead turns out to be an old friend, Grace Callahan--and her life is in grave danger. Someone believes Shaw gave his psychologist information before he died. Information they are willing to kill for.

With her signature pulse-pounding suspense, Lisa Harris takes readers deep into the heart of fear in this race against the clock.

Available in digital Ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook:
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  1. Thanks for reviewing this new one by Lisa Harris, Paula! I love suspense that makes me glad to be safe at home (even if I begin to think I hear something outside!)


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