Saturday, June 19, 2010

Next Week: Bad Trip, Man...

Thank you to this week's guests: Authors Kit Wilkinson and Shawn Grady! We appreciate their efforts to post comments during very busy weeks. And hey, it was nice to have a real live man around for a day, eh ladies?
We say goodbye to HEROES week and roll out the old 38mm film projector . . .


I promise you'll laugh at our discomfort!

Please scroll on down and read today's book review:

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Reviewed for you today by our birthday girl,
the young and lovely DINA SLEIMAN....

yes, it's one of those landmark numbers that ends in a zero.

Susan Diane Johnson, Lisa Karon Richardson, Jennifer AlLee!
(and my daughter Tiffany Cotsonas, today)
We're partying in Inktropolis...

Next week's posts:

Sunday devotional -- Niki Turner
Bad Vacation Week Monday -- Gwendolyn Stewart
Tuesday -- D'Ann Mateer
Wednesday -- Susanne Dietz
Thursday -- Jennifer AlLee
Friday -- Diane Burke
Saturday book review -- Susan Diane Johnson

Come back here next weekend and see if we've found out who our FOLLOWER #150 will be.

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