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Next Week: The Therapist will see you now . . .

You're right. The Inkies could use a little therapy. We hope you enjoyed our thoughts on summer vacations. Please join us next week as we talk to some experts in the field of health and wellness. We're expecting guests, so I'm off to the kitchen.

Scroll down and check out Jennifer AlLee's BOOK REVIEW of

The Therapist will see you now!

Sunday Devotional -- Debra E. Marvin

Monday -- GUEST JAN PARRISH of Bold and Free Ministries

Tuesday -- GUEST JEANNIE CAMPBELL, Jeannie the Character Therapist


Thursday -- Dina Sleiman introduces us to DR LINDA MINTLE of "Living the Life"!

Friday -- Our own Jennifer AlLee

Saturday -- A Book Review by D'Ann Mateer

Jennifer is feeling pretty relaxed after her time spent away on an island. I'm not quite sure of the name of it, but I personally have no interest in taking any flight booked on Oceanic Airways!


  1. Deb, thanks so much for posting my vacation picture! If only I had been able to maintain that sleek build ;+}

    Here's my son's take on the photo: "I think that's the most disturbing thing I've seen all day."

    Thanks for giving me my chance to hang out with Sawyer. That's one more think to cross off my bucket list!

  2. Oh.My.Goodness.
    That is just TOO fun.
    Looking forward to more of these Inky travel pics. : )

  3. Jen, tell your son he needs to appreciate how seriously you take your research!

    Niki? I can't wait to hear about your trip and see the photo!

  4. PS. I wish I had those upper arms myself...
    Yours, Jen. I mean...
    I'll just shut up now.

  5. Tee hee! Sawyer looks pretty content to have you at his side, there, Jen.

    I love these pics!


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