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Healer by Linda Windsor

by Suzie Johnson

What happens when the Hunted rescues the Hunter?
Brenna of Gowrys has been hunted by Ronan O’Byrne’s clan since she was an infant. In a cruel twist of fate, Ronan—as a young boy—witnessed the tragic deaths of both Brenna’s parents. His entire life was spent on hunts and raids as his father searched for the girl who grew up to be called a witch and Wolf Woman. To find Brenna of Gowrys would be to end the curse they believe Brenna’s mother placed on the O’Byrne clan with her dying breath.

The first book in the Brides of Alba series, Healer is set in Arthurian Scotland, an era which I’ve never read. In fact, all I knew about King Arthur I learned from two movies: Disney’s Sword in the Stone, and Excalibur. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, since I’m such a lover of history. But it’s true. There are a few historical eras and geographical places where my knowledge is quite limited. This is one of them.
Lucky for me, author Linda Windsor had the foresight to add a history lesson in her book. I don’t mean the usual historical facts weaved through a story. I mean a foreword and an afterward. In fact, her explanation of the era and the Arthurian history was quite extensive and as fascinating as the book itself. The understanding she gave me only enhanced my enjoyment of the book. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I will say that King Arthur’s connection to the lineage of Christ was most surprising. I highly recommend reading these facts before reading the book. But be sure to stop before you get to the teaser for the next book. You’ll want to save that until you’ve finished this book.
Once I read the history, and absorbed it, I settled in for a nice long read, and this book didn’t disappoint. Healer is what I would consider a “big” book. Epic. A book to be savored over time instead of devoured in one sitting. At times I went back and reread passages. Not because I was lost or confused, but because I wanted to soak up the details. I didn’t want to rush through the book because I simply didn’t want it to end.
When Brenna and her wolf, Faol, rescue Ronan from near death, she doesn’t realize he’s her mortal enemy, son of the man who brutally murdered her father, part of the enemy clan who has terrorized her own kinsmen, the enemy clan she’s spent her life hiding from because they want her dead. But even had she known his identity, Brenna still would have nursed Ronan back to health, because she is a healer.
Settle in for an absorbing conflict-filled tale. You’ll be richly rewarded. The wealth of Linda Windsor’s research is evident in the pages, of this most excellent and highly recommended book.

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  1. This sounds like a book Im gonna have to read, thank you for sharing
    In Christs Love

  2. Good morning Michele, thanks for stopping in today!

    Wow, I certainly am interested in this after your review Suzie.
    Funny thing about the Arthurian legend, it gets moved around a bit. OFten set in England, more often in Wales. Well, it's all one big island anyway, so who cares?

    I love the idea of the Scotland setting and I guess I've poked around history enough to know that from the 'ALBA' part.

    Thanks Suzie Jo for the heads up!

    Linda if you've had a chance to visit today, Welcome to the Inkwell. We'd love to hear more about your series and have you guest with us sometime! I'll heading over to your website now.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
    I'm preparing for a couple weeks of on and off company.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to check out this one. Everyone knows I love a good medieval novel. I've heard great things about Linda Windsor too.

  4. I'm so glad to see the market opening up to different settings and eras. Thanks for letting me know about this one, Suzie Jo!

  5. Good morning, Ladies.

    Michelle, I'm so glad you stopped by today. I do think you'll really enjoy this book.

    Dina, I thought of you many times while I was reading this. I *know* you'll love it.

    And Deb...yes, Scotland. It was surprising to me, too, and also wonderful. There was so much about this history that I didn't know, and when you read all of Linda's notes, you'll understand.

    This is a great, great book.

    My deepest apologies, but I probably won't get to check back in today. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.

  6. Hi Lisa. Yes! That's what I love, too. A market full of possibilities. It makes reading so much more adventurous.

  7. Thanks for the review, Suzie! I've really been looking to this book because I loved Linda's first historical books so much. I can't wait to read it!

  8. I absolutely loved this book!

    I try not to 'love' books, but I loved the way the Arthurian legend and Merlin were woven into the Healer story.

    I loved the use of visions (my Finnish grandmother experienced them) and Brenna's knowledge of herbs for healing.

    I loved the way Linda handled the ... um ... tasks Brenna needed to do while caring for Ronan.

    This was the first book I've read of Linda's and it certainly won't be my last.


  9. WOW, what a wonderful review! THANK YOU, Suzie!
    And thanks to all of you who expressed interest in HEALER. I hope you'll stop by my website at and check out the first chapter. Also I'm running contests for free copy for next three mos. Three chances to win!
    God bless and thanks again, all of you.
    Linda Windsor

  10. PS: Arthur has always been one of my faves, especially since Mary's STewart's books. And the Arthur in HEALER actually existed in recorded history, not just legend. There were more than one arthur and merlin, which were titles. In 5th and eary 6th century it was punishable by death to call someone of great importance by their given name. That also explains how Arthur fought battles that date over a 100 yr. span. I mean, can't you see a 90-something Arthur hacking it out with Excalibur. Which, btw,was called magical because it never tarnished or rusted and could cut iron swords in half. Aye, a few Celtic ironsmiths discovered that adding an element from meteorites made a stronger sword. Not magic. Stainless anyone?
    Just a few tidbits to tantalize.
    Linda Windsor

  11. Hey Linda. Now that explains a lot.

    Thanks for coming back.


  12. I came back to check out the trailer. Thanks Anita and found lots of 'thumbs up' on Healer! So glad it's the first of a series!

  13. Okay, my comment was supposed to say looking FORWARD to this book. Goodness, I didn't make any sense. LOL

  14. Wow, I have to check out this book. Thanks for the review, Suzie. And thanks for posting the trailer, Anita!

    I didn't know that info about the Arthurian legends. How fascinating. Thanks so much.


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