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Next Week: We hold these truths . . .

Now that we have all those vacation memories behind us, the ladies of Inkwell Inspirations have decided to celebrate our upcoming national birthday with some thoughts on those ideals declared back in 1776. Remember, we like to take a theme and str-e-t-ch it!

Did you miss Susan Diane Johnson's book review earlier today? Well, scroll on down and check it out!


Sunday Devotional - Debra E. Marvin

Monday "Declare Your Independence" - Granny

Tuesday "Endowed by our Creator" - Gina Welborn

Wednesday "Right to Life" by our special guest, Attorney Jeff Mateer

Thursday "Right to Liberty" Lisa Karon Richardson

Friday "The Pursuit of Happiness" Dina Sleiman

Saturday Book Review - Anita Mae Draper spotlights "Ozark Wedding"