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Jingle All the Way Through the Week

December has been inspiring and we're not done yet!
Christmas is just around the corner,
and what could be more inspiring than celebrating
the birth of our Savior?

Join us next week
for more fun, prizes, and posts

Putting an Ink on Scripture
Patti - Behold the Babe! Rejoice!

Monday - Friday
A Blessed Christmas to All!
Monday - Connie shares the history of the candy cane
Tuesday - special guest Sandra D. Bricker
Wednesday - Dina brings us a different kind of Christmas story
Thursday - lighthearted Christmas poetry from Jen
Friday - Wenda takes a unique look at Christmas

An Inkalicious Review
Anita Mae


Hope to see you all around the Inkwell!


  1. I visit almost every day

    Merry Christms


  2. Way to go, Andrea and Edna!
    Love having y'all at the well!


  3. Andrea and Edna and Peppermint Patti,

    Anyone who comments on the Scoop is a true friend, wouldn't you all agree!

    With this busy week coming up, we will be thrilled to see anyone who has time to poke their head in and say hi!

    Blessings to all our readers, followers, commenters and lurkers. May God bless your time with family and friends and stir renewal in your hearts to follow Him and draw closer than ever in this new year.


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