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MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY by Karen Witemeyer, Reviewed by Trixi, Paula and Winnie!

“Choosing a husband was much like choosing a good baguette. One looked for a strong outer shell, a tender interior, and most importantly, a tractability of dough to hold whatever shape the baker deemed appropriate. Abigail needed a good baguette by the end of the week.”

Karen Witemeyer is best known for the unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary in her books. In More Than Words Can Say, it was the marriage-of-convenience proposal by Abigail. My favorite theme in a book, so I knew I was in for a real treat! She didn't do it for love, but to save ownership of the bakery she inherited after her fathers death. The top three candidates who frequented her bakery every morning were the contenders, but only one could take the prize home. 

Witemeyer's signature wit comes out in the choosing:
“Unfortunately, Mr. Beekman was nearing fifty and had breath that could kill a bread dough's rise at twenty paces.”

Obviously she doesn't choose him, but I just thought Abigail's inner musings about each of the men was hilarious! She's desperate and desperate times often leads to desperate measures.

I missed Zach after he took off on his own at the end of More Than Meets the Eye and I'm so glad Witemeyer gave him his own story! Quiet, contemplative, and a man of few words he shows his feelings more than verbally expresses them. When Abigail presents him with the marriage bargain contract, his plans of bachelorhood go right out the window! She brings out the protective instinct in him and has his heart stuttering with the small amount of attraction for the pretty baker. 

Though this is a business deal, he finds himself having difficulty keeping his feelings at bay. Can these two form a true partnership both in business and matters of the heart?
With every story Witemeyer pens I find myself saying it's her best yet and this was no exception. Between her wit and humor, the unconventional elements, her characters I come to love, the uplifting spiritual truths, and the story to get lost in, it's the whole package for me. I also love the growth I find in her heroes and heroines...both Zach and Abigail try to hide painful pasts that can affect their relationship. What I really liked about this, is instead of burying them deeper, they eventually talk it out. Circumstances forced them to face them and move on, thus bonding them closer. I also really loved Abigail's sister Rosalind, they had a rock solid relationship that shows in everything. She too, has a past she's ashamed of and once that comes to light, she can finally be free of the regrets she's harbored for too many years. I'm hoping her story comes next because she's a young lady I came to care about.


“I've chosen fear over faith more times than I can count. And every time I did, I ended up with regrets. When I chose faith, I didn't always get the outcome I wanted, but I never regretted my choice, because I felt God beside me, holding my hand and lending me strength” ~Abigail

I loved this book for everything mentioned here and more! Witemeyer knows how to engage the reader and keep them turning pages while reminding them of the promises God's given us through her characters lives. I always look forward to her next story.

*I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishers and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *

More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer is the second book in The Patchwork Family series.

It takes place in 1896 in Honey Grove, Texas.

This book is scrumptious and delectable— but what would you expect in a story about a baker and penned by Karen Witemeyer!

Abigail Kemp is fit to be tied. The town council won’t allow a female owner of a business so she must find a male backer or sell the bakery she has inherited from her father. Abby comes up with a third option. She just has to find an eligible bachelor to marry! Abby is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, but is surprised when her best laid plans for a marriage of convenience turn into something much more.

Ms. Witemeyer has couched Abby’s thoughts in bakery terms:

“Choosing a husband was much like choosing a good baguette. One looked for a strong outer shell, a tender interior, and most importantly, a tractabllty of dough to hold whatever shape the baker deemed appropriate.”

Abby’s musings as she considers her options from the bachelor customers that frequent her bakery:
“Bachelor Number One sat by the window. Bran muffin and tea with sugar. Man and muffin shared a remarkable resemblance— both a bit squatty and thick around the middle with smooth, round tops. Abigail forced quirking smile back into a straight line. ‘ Be kind Abby. You might end up married to that muffin man.’”

Abby is not the typical female lead character. She is big boned and sees herself as plump. She is keeping a secret and running from guilt.
The winning bachelor, Zach Hamilton, is part owner of a lumber company and has a secret of his own that is hampering him. But Zach is kind, thoughtful and lets his actions speak of the growing affection he has for his wife.

This story is sweet, saucy and a bit awkward as Zach and Abby take steps toward being a real husband and wife team. This one kept me chuckling but Ms. Witemeyer keeps it interesting by including a suspense thread that draws the characters closer and shows their true motives.

I was glad to read this second book because the first one More Than Meets the Eye was a delight. The third one should be just as grand because it hints that it will be about Abby’s sister Rosiland. Recommend for fans of lighthearted Historical Christian fiction by a very adept author.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher on behalf of the author. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.* 

It was so refreshing to read a book about a heroine with a less than perfect figure. Abigail Kemp had always been self-conscious about her looks, and I was cheering for her when she landed a gem of a husband, even though it was a marriage of convenience. Both Abigail and Zacharias were hurting and unsure they were worthy to be loved by someone else, but they were so perfect for each other. I loved Zach’s heart for helping others and caring for their welfare, and I was happy for him to have a chance at love and happiness. Karen Witemeyer is a pro at creating imperfect, but loveable, characters and plopping them down in a unique setting and situation. The main characters are endearing, and the cast of secondary characters are colorful and well-drawn. The author’s wit and sense of humor shine through the story to make it a fun read.

Tender messages of forgiveness of self and others are woven through the story, along with themes of faith and trust. There was also a strong thread of the importance of family, whether it be a natural family or a “patchwork” one. More Than Words Can Say is part of a series, but it can be read as a standalone book. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy historical romance with a twist of wit and fun.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
BackCover Blurb:
 After fulfilling a pledge to a dying friend, Zacharias Hamilton is finally free. No family entanglements. No disappointing those around him. Just the quiet bachelor existence he's always craved. Until fate snatches his freedom away when the baker of his favorite breakfast bun is railroaded by the city council. Despite not wanting to get involved, he can't turn a blind eye to her predicament . . . or her adorable dimples.

Abigail Kemp needs a man's name on her bakery's deed. A marriage of convenience seems the best solution . . . if it involves a man she can control. That person definitely isn't the stoic lumberman who oozes silent confidence whenever he enters her shop. Control Zacharias Hamilton? She can't even control her pulse when she's around him.
When vows are spoken, Abigail's troubles should be over. Yet threats to the bakery worsen, and darker dangers hound her sister. Can she put ever more trust in Zach without losing her dreams of independence?

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  1. I definitely could use a Karen Witemeyer story right now! (I do break out of historical mysteries occasionally, and look for something that makes me laugh!) Thanks ladies!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet!


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