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A PROPER SCANDAL by Esther Hatch, Reviewed by Karen Klepsteen and Winnie Thomas

Poor Grace! As soon as this story started I felt such sympathy for her and the impossible situation into which she is thrust. After leaving her hometown near Bristol and moving to London, Grace discovers that her new home is full of danger in the form of an uncle with no morals. After being given an impossibly short two weeks to ensnare a husband, Grace is pointed toward Nate Barton, a businessman in the rising railroad industry. Despite her impertinent questions and her social awkwardness, Nate is drawn to Grace against his better judgement. While desperate to find an honorable husband, Grace is still hesitant to let anyone into her heart due to some abandonment issues. How they overcome their unconventional introduction and arrive at their happy ending is both romantic and dramatic! I really enjoyed their unique storyline and circumstances. This book is a fresh take on the marriage of convenience, and I highly recommend it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author and am under no obligation to provide a positive review. All opinions are my own.


I was immediately captivated by this charming novel by Esther Hatch. The setting in England, the cast of memorable, vividly-drawn characters, and the creative, complex plot of this book drew me right in. Grace and Nathaniel’s story reminded me a little of a comedy of errors. It seems like they were at cross purposes much of the time and victims of misunderstandings. Nathaniel, reluctantly and unwittingly, was drawn into Grace’s necessary scheme of finding a husband quickly. Grace, with little experience at dealing with attractive young men, finds herself in the middle of several misadventures. The relationship between Nate and Grace was delightful and funny. I loved the banter and the humorous ways that Grace tried to capture his interest.

The premise of this story is very creative, and it was refreshing to have the hero be a builder of railroads, instead of a titled nobleman. I loved the imaginative story line and Hatch’s clear, well-crafted writing. This novel has a bit of everything—intrigue, history, suspense, romance, and a dash of humor to round things out. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more books by this writer.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own. 

BackCover Blurb:
Grace Sinclair has been callously cast out of her home. And though taken in as an orphaned child by the vicar and his wife, her unsurpassed beauty makes it impossible for her to remain in the vicar's household—with two daughters of their own about to enter Society, the vicar and his wife see Grace as nothing but competition. Thankfully, Grace's estranged Aunt Bell has agreed to take her in to her home in London. But Grace soon learns her situation has just gotten much worse.

It takes only a moment's acquaintance for Grace to ascertain that her aunt has married a detestable rake. And Aunt Bell, recognizing the danger of having her lovely niece too near her husband, gives Grace an ultimatum: the young woman has two weeks to find a man to marry, after which she will be turned out. With no experience in the art of attracting a husband, Grace quickly realizes that a worthy suitor might not be so easy to ensnare.

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  1. You definitely sold me, ladies! Sounds like fun!

  2. You have me at the word Regency & marriage-of-convenience! If this book wasn't already on my want-to-read list, it would be after both of your reviews. I must obtain my own copy soon 😁

  3. Thanks, Debra! It's a great read!

  4. I'm definitely intrigued. Regency and I have a mixed relationship. This one sounds unique!


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