Monday, May 6, 2019

Book Blogger Party II - Nine Reviewers You'll Want to Follow!

Here's a recap of our last group of book bloggers!
Follow Becky's Blog It's Story Time With Van Daniker here Becky is a Florida girl who enjoys reading (especially on the beach), collecting books, talking about books, and telling her friends to read her favorites. She enjoys the beach, Disney, spending time with friends, and spending time with God. She enjoys almost any genre in Christian Fiction except for Amish. Some of her favorite genres are mystery and suspense, contemporary romance, and historical fiction. She loves supporting authors and helping them spread the word about their amazing books. When you spot her out in the wild, you'll probably see her wearing her favorite pair of flip flops, carrying a book, and wearing a poop emoji or guitar purse.

Nicole says, "For me, the best part of being a reviewer is the community I have become a part of. The bloggers, authors, publicity teams, and publishers that I have met and worked with over the past few months have been so welcoming, helpful, and kind. And, the support of the people who read my blog regularly is unlike anything I could have imagined. I really feel like I have made some excellent friendships over the past few months. I am truly blessed."

Beckie says, "I started blogging about books in 2009 as part of the library ministry at my former church. I thought it would be a great way to introduce church members to what was available in the library. When I found out I could get free books for the library by taking part in review programs and tours, I jumped at the chance. My first reviews are a bit embarrassing, but hopefully I’ve grown since then. ;) My blog’s name, By The Book, is the name of my book club that started in 2002. When I switched from being the church library blog to a personal blog, I thought that the name was fitting."
Beckie's Blog: By The Book
Beckie on Twitter: @BeckieByTheBook
Beckie on Facebook BeckieByTheBook
Beckie on Instagram : @Beckiebythebook
Rel says, "The best part of being a reviewer is connecting readers with books and authors. My best book blogging days are when I receive a comment or message from a reader letting me know they read a book or searched out an author on my recommendation, and they fell in love with the story and the author’s talent.
In addition, I’ve had the privilege of attending the ACFW conference in 2013 and 2016, meeting dear author friends along with many amazing writers I’ve been reading for years."
Instagram: RelMollet
Twitter: @Relz

Sydney says, "I have always enjoyed reading and singing. When I was in college, I took private voice lessons as well as lots of music classes so I could learn how to teach singing. Because of my love of books and reading, once I completed my undergraduate degree, I went on to obtain an MLS (Masters of Library Science). So as far as the theme of my blog goes, I combined two of my favorite loves—singing and books!"
Personal Blog: Singing Librarian Books:
SLB Tours Facebook:
Sarah says, "I’ve been seriously reviewing for about a year and a half now, but didn’t start my blog until March of this year. Before that, I was just posting my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and my #bookstagram. I noticed as I continued to review and grow on social media, I started to get more opportunities to work with authors and publishers. I figured if I wanted to continue on this journey and grow even more as a reviewer, then I should start a blog. And now I have and couldn’t be happier! I love absolutely love it!"

Julia says, "I have been reviewing for... forever! I used to just do a quick few lines but over the years my reviews have changed. My love of reading has always been there as my Nanny used to read books to me when I was little.
My blog came about because I wanted to share my reviews."
Christian Bookaholic Facebook Page
Christian Bookaholic Blog
Follow Julia on Twitter
Julia's GoodReads Page

Phyllis says, "I try to remember to pray before writing any review. I do that more naturally when I've committed via a blog tour to review and didn't care much for the book. I hate the idea of hurting someone with my words and realize that authors pour their hearts into their works, so to be critical is hard, and yet I want to always be honest."
Phyllis's blog can be found at
she is also at,,,

Anne says, "Most people might think the best part of being a reviewer is receiving free books but I love getting to know the authors and other reviewers. I’ve met some of the kindest people through social media and have had the privilege to meet a few authors and reviewers in person and am blessed to call them ‘friend’. I was skeptical in the beginning about how well you can actually get to know someone online, but this is a community of people who not only share a love of reading but a love of God too. It is a special ‘family’ to be a part of and I am blessed!
I blog about books, crafts, and my amateur attempt at photography on Stuff and Nonsense - Most of what I post there is also posted on the blogs Facebook page @ I’m an avid pinner on Pinterest too, so look me up." -

As if that's not enough, here's the link to our first party and eleven more amazing book bloggers!


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog. Such awesome company!

    1. Yes, I've loved getting to know bloggers this way. It's a bit selfish really... I like organizing you all into a list and decided everyone else would benefit as well! Thanks, Beckie!

  2. Phew! I did it! That's 20 Book Blogger guests so far and if you can't find a new blog to follow or a new book to love, I can't help you...

    1. Hahaha!!! You did great! And this is so true.. there are so many great blogs to follow. I've found a few new ones too. :-)

  3. Thank you so much for supporting bloggers!!! You're all amazing here at Inkwell Inspirations! :-)

    1. Thanks, Anne! I hope you all know that we authors do really pay attention to those lovely souls who offer to read and review and post on their blog. We are so thankful for that, especially when we are just starting out! I KNOW how much time goes into blogging and being able to also write a helpful, thoughtful review is a talent I truly respect. I've got a nice list of book bloggers I hope to bring to the Inkwell over the next year or two, because I also keep finding new ones to follow!

  4. A excellent collection of bloggers to follow!!


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