Sunday, May 19, 2019

WHEN HE FOUND ME by Victoria Bylin, Reviewed by Winnie Thomas

With a setting in small-town Refuge, Wyoming, and engaging, emotionally layered characters, Victoria Bylin courageously tackles some tough subjects in a realistic and compassionate way in her newest book, When He Found Me. I was drawn to MJ and Shane from their first meeting, and enjoyed seeing their connection and relationship grow. Although they both had their own struggles, disappointments, and regrets, I admired the way they were working toward becoming stronger, better individuals. The tender threads of forgiveness, courage, healing, and hope added depth to the story.
This story contains some gritty, hard subjects, but Bylin handles them well. I’ve read several of her stories and have enjoyed them all. I’m looking forward to more books from this author.

*I purchased this novel and was under no obligation to review it. 

BackCover Blurb:
Love Discovered . . . Hope Renewed
Once a strong Christian, third baseman Shane Riley lost his faith the night he injured his knee in a freak car accident. Determined to return to professional baseball and to find the sister he treated badly, Shane retreats to Refuge, Wyoming. There he meets Melissa June “MJ” Townsend, a single mom battling the virus that causes cervical cancer.

MJ wants nothing to do with the handsome athlete—no doubt a womanizer considering the stories in the news. But when a mistake results in Shane renting her garage apartment, they become friends. That friendship blossoms into something deep and pure, leaving MJ with a painful secret to tell. Even more complicated, she discovers an unexpected tie to Shane’s missing sister—a wounded woman who wants nothing to do with the perfect brother who scorned her

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  1. I'm hearing so much about this book. I will definitely need to catch up (aka it's all about the audiobook for me!) Thanks Winnie!


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