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JUST LIKE HOME by Courtney Walsh, (Harbor Pointe #4) , Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Death comes unexpectedly."

Sudden. Brutal. Life-altering for those left behind. Following her grief to the small idyllic town of Harbor Pointe; the community where her best friend had lived, loved, married, birthed three beautiful children, followed her passion for dance; Charlotte Page decides to seek what has been hopelessly lost on the largest of stages; a home. "She was here because Julianna Ford had drawn her here with her descriptions of a beautiful, charmed, laid-back life". Would she miss the bright lights, the continuous accolades, being recognized as one of the most talented professional ballerinas in the country . . . only time would tell. How does Charlotte begin this new journey into the land of commonplace? By smashing into Julianna's tall, dark, and handsome brother . . . literally. Well, literally into his prized vintage Chevy truck.

"Didn't matter that she was beautiful. Didn't matter that he'd found her rambling kind of adorable. Things weren't different and he didn't know when they ever would be again."

Cole Turner has sworn off women, especially the gorgeous type who typically carry a carefully hidden agenda. But from the very beginning Cole had the sense that Charlotte Page was anything but typical. As their paths continue to cross, and he realizes that she had truly loved his sister, he begins to tolerate her and even agrees to help her organize a tribute recital in Julianna's memory. It seems that Charlotte is trying very hard to prove her worth, while Cole is trying very hard to prove something that even he doesn't quite understand.

What a sweet, sweet, . . .  genuinely sweet love story! Yes, Cole's crotchety temperament scrapes and scratches Charlotte's delicate self-esteem over and over again until you want to shake some sense into him, but they both learn to love what is hidden beneath the surface . . . the ability to give and receive unconditional love, ushering in the fragile beckoning to be known. 3.5 stars
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 

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BackCover Blurb:
Prima ballerina Charlotte Page has a life any dancer would envy, but the tragic loss of her best friend, Julianna, leaves her wanting more. Or maybe—less. In an effort to make her life about something other than accolades and applause, Charlotte leaves professional ballet to save Julianna’s small-town dance studio. This lands her directly in the path of cranky high school football coach and Julianna’s older brother, Cole Turner.
Fresh off a state win and a bitter divorce, the last thing Cole expects is for a prima ballerina to chip away at the wall he’s grown quite comfortable hiding behind.
Will their fledgling relationship be strong enough to weather the storm of old secrets and a haunting past? Or will Charlotte lose the new, simple life she’s given up everything to gain?

Sweethaven Press, Aug, 2020
Available in digital ebook and paperback
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  1. I have read the first three Harbor Pointe novels, but haven’t gotten my hands on this one yet.

  2. I love Courtney's books! I need to read this one!


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