Tuesday, May 26, 2020

FLIGHT RISK by Cara Putman, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Even in the absence of peace, she had a choice. Trust God or take control."
Savannah Daniel's already demanding schedule is thrown into overdrive following the publication of a newspaper article citing her ex-husband's patterns of over-seas travel as proof of his involvement in a high stakes trafficking scheme, causing her young niece (Dustin's daughter) to crumble. Shortly after the expose's release, two of her law clients fall under suspicion by the F. B. I. following a Washington, D. C. plane crash; ironically, Savannah's ex-husband and one of his associates were passengers on that very plane. Contributing even more stress is the fact that the journalist who broke the original story, Jett Glover, is pushing Savannah for more details about Dustin's supposed business partners. It's a train wreck of circumstances, just waiting to happen. And it does.

"Flight Risk" has some amazing story threads; what initially appear as totally disconnected scenarios, eventually merge together rather brilliantly. Even though the multiple demands on Savannah's time are mentally exhausting, and the cautious relationship that she forms with Jett doesn't really have the space it needs to flourish, the author ends really, really well . . . for she proves that the truth is worth Jett's tireless efforts and that Savannah's heart can risk taking flight a second time. 

*3.5 stars. I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to review or provide a positive review.

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