Saturday, October 2, 2021

THE INN AT WALKER BEACH by Lindsay Harrel, Reviewed by Winnie Thomas

Once again, Lindsay Harrel has penned a thought-provoking, beautiful novel about relationships, friendships, and life. The Inn at Walker Beach is the first story in The Barefoot Sisterhood series, but it features some characters we’ve already met in her Walker Beach Romance books. It was fun to revisit them, see what they’ve been up to, and meet some new characters to love.

“Don’t be so intent on getting somewhere else—or on merely surviving—that you lose yourself along the way.”

“Sometimes standing still takes more strength than moving toward a target.”

This book focuses largely on Jenna Wakefield’s story and that of Elise Griffin. They are in different stages of their lives and each has things they regret and are going through that are weighing on them. Harrel is a master at creating colorful, engaging characters with their own distinct personalities, putting them in compelling situations, and bringing them out the other side stronger.

“You are so much more than the image of yourself that you’ve concocted in your head.”

“Happiness requires being truthful with ourselves and others about what we really want and who we really are.”

This was a lovely, heart-warming story, and I’m looking forward to more books in the series. I recommend it to those who enjoy contemporary, thoughtful, inspiring stories of relationships and friendship. 4.5 stars
*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

BackCover Blurb:
A dream years in the making becomes reality with the inaugural meeting of The Barefoot Sisterhood...

Jenna Wakefield has been through a lot in her twenty-seven years—losing her mother, becoming a teen mom, and battling depression, just to name a few. And working a dead-end job, barely paying her bills, and fighting unrequited feelings for her boss aren’t exactly part of the life she always imagined.

With her six children grown and her husband constantly traveling for work, Elise Griffin finds herself utterly without purpose for the first time ever at age sixty-three. But “retirement” isn’t as wonderful as it might sound—it gives her far too much time to think about the affair her husband had a year ago ... the one she’s never told anyone about.

When both women are invited into the mysterious Barefoot Sisterhood and asked to help restore an old beachside inn for a good cause, they find themselves supported and encouraged in new and exciting ways. This inspiration leads to dream seeking ... and new romance as well.

Discover what happens when women give each other the space to finally dream—and in doing so, make the world a better place.

This feel-good women’s fiction novel is Book 1 in The Barefoot Sisterhood Collection, a spin-off of Lindsay’s Walker Beach Romance series that takes place in the same small town and includes some of the same cast of characters. While you may wish to read that series first, it is not necessary in order to enjoy this one.

Blue Aster Press, September 2021

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